Moe (Kyorosuke in Japan) is a character in the Legend of Starfy video game series. In the video games, he's considered the best friend of Starfy. He, like most of the other characters in the video game, is a character who lives in the ocean. He's a clam, and will often times give advice to Starfy either directly, or through a phone. He'll also perform devastating attacks directed toward your opponents when needed.

He's usually one of the rudest characters in the game, though it has been suggested that the character might have some sort of crush for another fish named Hadehihari, as while around her, he becomes polite though at the same time shy.

Treasure-Eyed Moe

Moe's Glittering Eyes in "The Legendary Starfy"

Moe is also believed to love treasure, as in The Legendary Starfy he is seen sometimes on the player's bottom screen, his eyes sparkling when Starfy is close to rare treasure. Plus, when Starfy (in The Legendary Starfy) wants to help Bunston, Moe suggests they look for treasure instead.

Moe also (according to, once again, The Legendary Starfy,) likes dumplings. He is featured in a mini-game (called "Dumpling Master",) where Starly and the game's player make dumplings and Starfy feeds it to Moe. If Moe does not recieve a reasonable amount, he will get angry. Moe also enjoys "urchin nachos".[1]

He also is believed to be in love with a zebra turkeyfish named Ruby.


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