Mitsuhiro Hikino is a sound programmer who worked at Nintendo, where he has mostly been involved in audio production on Mario, Zelda and Pikmin series. He is also credited to have arranged some songs on Pokémon Stadium.

Most notoriously, he was the sound director of Mario Kart DS and Pikmin 3, as well as the main sound designer of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

In 2018, he left Nintendo to join Cygames[1].

Game Production History

Special Thanks

Song Credits

Pokémon Stadium

Nintendo Sound Selection vol.2 Koopa <Loud Music>

  • Fortress Boss (Super Mario Bros. 3) -- Guitar
  • Oni Fortress -- 2nd Guitar

Nintendo Sound Selection vol.3 Luigi <B - Side Music>

  • K.K. Soul -- Guitar



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