A Mitite is a creature of Unknown Family in Pikmin 2. These creatures can't directly kill Pikmin. When a Pikmin walks near a Mitite, the Pikmin freaks out and runs away, sometimes to their death, due to hazards. Purple Pikmin are immune to the panic associated with Mitites. You can kill Mitites by throwing a Pikmin on it's back, and the mitite will drop some nectar or pellets. Olimar, Louie and President cannot kill Mitites in any way. These can be found in eggs, and can also dig out of the ground. These sprout one Pikmin when taken to an Onion, and are worth one poko when taken to the Ship.



To efficiently kill Mitites, use Purple Pikmin. The Purple Pikmin's homing attack can easily kill Mitites in one hit, and even multiple at once. If no Purple Pikmin are available, you can try and throw other Pikmin onto them, which will also kill them in one hit, or simply wait until they retreat into the ground.


Olimar's notes

"These parasitic insects feed on eggs. Upon reaching maturity, they excrete a special pheromone that attracts females of particular species, enticing these females to swallow the mitites whole. (Pikmin, however, seem to dislike the scent.) After entering the host female's body, the mitites lay their own eggs inside the host's eggs just prior to the host spawning."

Louie's notes

"Flash-fry with garlic and red chilis in a hot pan, then sprinkle with grated gorgonzola. Some dinner guests may find the legs unappealing, so it's best to remove them before serving."

Nintendo Player's Guide Description

"When you break an egg expecting nectar, sometimes you'll be surprised b a flurry of Mitites. The cretures won't harm your Pikmin, but they will send them into panic. Call your purple troops with your whistle, then stomp one of the Mitites to generate nectar and let the others scurry away."

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