Misha ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. She is the daughter of Deet'var who is around twenty years of age. She is a pegasus knight and a general in Silesse's army.


Misha is introduced when she is forced to surrender control of over half of her subordinates to a bishop from the Loptyrian Cult. She appears again during the liberation of Leonster. Before their battle with Leif's army begins, Nicolov asks Misha if she is fighting to avenge her deceased mother. Seemingly bothered by his question, she informs him that her mother has nothing to do with her goals. It is also revealed that she is working for the Grannvale Empire as a mercenary to provide food for the starving orphans in Silesse.

If Karin speaks to her during Chapter 17A, Misha mentions that she is fighting for a reason that she refuses to reveal. If Leif's army captures her afterwards, she speaks to him at the end of the chapter. After revealing that one of Misha's subordinates informed her about their reason for fighting, Karin tells Misha that it is wrong to save Silesse's children at the cost of others elsewhere. At this time, Misha also learns about the child hunts being conducted by the Grannvale Empire. From this point on, she joins Leif's army in liberating the northern kingdoms of the Thracia Peninsula.

In the ending, Misha enters the liberation war in Silesse, and once it is freed, she becomes the first commander of the new Silesse Pegasus Knights. It is mentioned that she was deeply trusted by both her superiors and her subordinates.

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