Miranda​ is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. She is the fourteen-year-old princess of Alster who possesses a short temper and strong will. After her kingdom fell to the Grannvale Empire, she was imprisoned in Alster and was later sent to a remote Lopto church in Melfiye Forest once Leonster and Tahra began rebelling. She is used as a hostage to force Conomor and his extremely powerful army to fight for the Empire. She initially despises Leif for coming to Alster because it resulted in the Empire invading her country and killing her father.


Miranda is introduced in Chapter 16B when Leif's army seizes the church that she is residing in. During her reunion with Leif, she is not surprised that he does not recognize her and expresses hatred towards him for his actions that led to Alster's downfall. However, Dorias tells her that the Grannvale Empire would have still invaded Alster even if Leif was never there, and that Miranda's father was the one responsible for Alster's downfall, since he had refused to aid Leonster when it was invaded by both Thracia and the Grannvale Empire. After scolding Dorias for going overboard, Leif tells Miranda that he had no idea that she had been imprisoned and would have come sooner if he had known. Hearing this, Miranda tells Leif that if he is indeed telling the truth, then he will help her liberate Alster and avenge her father.

If recruited, she appears again at the end of Chapter 18 instead of the village maiden and convinces Leif to aid the civilians' rebellion in Alster. During Chapter 19, she can recruit Conomor to Leif's cause.

In the epilogue, Miranda approaches Leif and asks him if he wishes to marry her because the court nobles are pressuring her into it. By this time, she no longer holds a grudge against him and knows that he is a good person. Since Leif claims that he does not have time to think about such matters, despite his plans to confess to Nanna, Miranda decides to return to Alster and wait for him until the war is over. During her time waiting, she falls in love with a knight, who is implied to be Conomor, and disappears. It is said that she lived happily as a wife and a mother.