Minoth, later known as Cole, is a character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He is an elderly man who lives in Fonsa Myma, the capital of the Kingdom of Uraya. He is a playwright, and the leader of the troupe that performs at the Mymoma Playhouse. He is the caretaker of Iona, and used to be a mercenary along with Vandham. He is also a Flesh Eater; his Blade weapons are a pair of dual spiked daggers, although he is only known to possess one when he meets Rex.

In Torna ~ The Golden Country, Minoth is a Special Legendary Blade. He can grant tremendous power to Addam and his allies. Minoth uses the dark element, wields Gunknives, and acts as an Attacker in battle.


Aegis War

Minoth originally is awakened as a Blade of Amalthus, although he later becomes a Flesh Eater using technology from Judicium. Although the technology allows him to operate independently of Amalthus, Minoth soon suspects that the experiment that turned him into a Flesh Eater was a failure. Minoth eventually learns of Amalthus's hatred towards humanity and the latter's ideas of equating the world with hell. After Amalthus awakens Malos, the consequent destruction disgusts Minoth, leading him to despise Amalthus and actively avoid the Quaestor.

Two years after his last meeting with Amalthus, Minoth hears rumors of Addam and Mythra heading to Auresco, capital of the Kingdom of Torna. He then joins Addam and Mythra, along with Lora, Jin, Haze, Hugo, Brighid, and Aegaeon in their efforts to stop Malos. He agrees to keep Jin and Lora's secret and suggests that all Drivers and Blades should strive to have as strong a bond as those two.

Fonsa Myma

After the Aegis War, Minoth renames himself Cole; he and Vandham become freelance mercenaries. Eventually, the two part ways, with Vandham joining the Garfont Mercenaries and Cole settling down as a playwright in Fonsa Myma. True to his suspicions, the Flesh Eater technology robs Cole of the effective immortality experienced by other Blades, and by the time Rex meets him, he has aged significantly since the Aegis War.

Vandham plans to take Rex to meet Cole in Fonsa Myma, who he thinks can help Rex reach Elysium. Iona, Cole's granddaughter, takes them to Cole, who has begun producing plays at Mymoma Playhouse. He agrees to help Rex reach Elysium. After Mythra reawakens at the Olethro Ruins, Cole reveals himself as a Flesh Eater to Rex and the others. He lost his immortality, however, and was unable to gain any unique abilities. He gives Rex his old Gunknife and tells him that his Driver, Amalthus, will be able to help him.

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