Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge is an amiibo-centric iteration of the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series. It was released in early 2016, first as a pack-in with a new purchased amiibo and later released on the eShop.


amiibo function

By scanning in a version of an amiibo of the following characters, the player will unlock a mini based on the character with a particular ability. Other amiibos unlock Spec who has no special ability

  • Mario - can wall jump
  • Luigi - has a higher jump
  • Peach - can float for a short time
  • Toad - can turn smaller to fit through narrow passageways
  • Yoshi - can swallow enemies using his tongue
  • Donkey Kong - able to climb steep slopes
  • Diddy Kong - can cling to ledgess and climb them
  • Rosalina - able to jump very high and go through platforms
  • Bowser - can destroy blocks with a ground pound
  • Bowser Jr. - can walk on spikes


There are 60 levels in total, starting with a tutorial level for each character and then levels every character can do but, with an alternate exit to unlock a world based on the character required to use it. These worlds consist of 4 levels with gimmicks based on their original game. Levels also have amiibo cards that act as special collectibles though they can only be obtained by the character whom it is based on.

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