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A portion of a Mini Game Series catalogue.

The Mini Game Series was a Nintendo toy brand launched in 1971. Around 60 different Mini Games were released by Nintendo during this time period. The Mini Game Series consisted of miniature toys, some of which were small-scale versions of their popular products. They were sold in a variety of different stores and were immensely popular. In 1974 it was reported that Nintendo was the miniature toy market leader in Japan.

List of toys[]

The following are the list of known Nintendo mini game toys (list not complete).

  • Air Compressor Gun - A small red plastic gun that shoots yellow balls. Three balls came equipped with the product.
  • Ball Game - Three differently-colored miniature mazes and around 11 small marbles came packaged with Ball Game. The goal of the game was to get the marbles from one part of the maze to the other.
  • Challenge Dice - A small-scale version of Challenge Dice. Came packaged with two dice and thirteen tubes.
  • Hopping Game - A miniature version of the Hopping Game product Nintendo released that could only be played by two people.
  • Napoleon - A miniaturized version of the Napoleon board game Nintendo made.
  • Rabbit Coaster - The Rabbit Coaster is a mini-version of the Rabbit Coaster Nintendo released in the sixties. It features four slopes.