Donkey Kong Country Mine Cart Carnage

Mine Cart Carnage, Donkey Kong Country.

Mine Cart Carnage is the seventh level in Donkey Kong Country and the second level in the world Monkey Mines.

This level is the first Mine Cart level in Donkey Kong Country which takes place in an abandoned mine shaft where the Kongs ride on an old rickety track to advance throughout the level. In this level, the Kongs need to jump over gaps and avoid broken Mine Carts lying on the ground in about halfway throughout the level. This level introduces Krashes which are enemies that ride in Mine Carts and try to crash into Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong and the Kongs need to jump over them when one prepares to crash into them.

A Warp Barrel can be found at the beginning of the level and in order to access it, the Kongs must jump over the Auto-Fire Barrel and jump to the left of the wall and they will fall into the Warp Barrel which will lead them close to the end of the level.


  • Despite Mine Cart Carnage being earlier in Donkey Kong Country, Mine Cart Madness is considered to be easier than Mine Cart Carnage.
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