Area 7: Mind in the Program is the seventh and final area of the game Kirby: Planet Robobot. The area consists only of a cutscene introducing the Halberd Robobot mode, the multiphase final battle against the true antagonist of the game, Star Dream and the final cutscene.


Area 7: Mind in the Program is a chapter exclusively played in Halberd mode which is itself inspired by the Star Fox gameplay, the section is a rail shooter and Sail wing a move of the Halberd is inspired by the Barrel Roll, an iconic move from the Star Fox games.The main theme of the Level is without surprise space


Area 7: Mind in the Program is the last chapter of Kirby: Planet Robobot and as such contain the Final boss fight and the conclusion of the game.

Before the fight

After waking up Susie is determined to prevent Star Dream from eradicating all life-forms from the universe, so she allow Kirby to use one of the Robobot armor to stop it. At the same time Meta Knight who was freed by Kirby earlier come back with the Halberd and invite Kirby aboard but he analyse the Halberd to activate the Halberd Robobot Mode and start to pursue Star Dream.

Fusing with the Access Ark

After being defeated Star Dream decide to attache itself to Haltmann ship, the Access Ark starting the second phase of the fight

The reveal of the Clockwork Star

After the defeat of the Access Ark, Star Dream reveal its Clockwork star nature and engage the Halberd for a third time

Star Dream's defeat

After Star Dream's third defeat, it try to take down the Halberd by using a giant laser but Meta Knight use a manual switch to eject Kirby and the Robobot armor, Kirby then proceeded to drill through the planetary sized structure putting an end to Star Dream's threat.

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