The Minch's are a family from the Mother series, neighbors to Ness and his family, whom they apparently hold a grudge against. They are residents of Onett and appear specifically in the second game, EarthBound, and hold a minor role, with the exception of the oldest son, Porky Minch.

Aloysius Minch

Aloysius Minch

Aloysius Minch is the father of Porky and Picky Minch, and husband of Lardna Minch. Aloysius loaned a big amount of money to Ness's dad and was never repaid, which is why he and his family hold a grudge against Ness's. During Ness's adventure in EarthBound, Aloysius, along with his son Porky, worked for the mayor of Fourside, by the time he was controlled by the magical Evil Mani Mani statue. After the game is beaten, Aloysius can be found drowning his sorrows at café (bar in the Japanese version) in the same city.

Lardna Minch

Pokey mom

Lardna Minch is the mother of the villain Porky, and, just like her husband, she dislikes her neighbors, Ness's family, and wants them to leave as soon as possible. Early in the game, she kills Buzz Buzz, not on purpose, mistaking it for a dung beetle, and thus leaving Ness alone in his adventure early in the game. In Mother 3, in New Pork City, a futuristic city created by Porky, there is a restaurant called Beauty and Tastes, where the waitresses are all robots designed to resemble "the mother of an important person". Indeed, all the robots from the restaurant are modeled after Lardna, including their dialogue (one of them says "I think it's a dung beetle", which is the phrase she uses before killing Buzz Buzz in EarthBound).

Picky Minch


Picky Minch is Porky Minch's younger, though far more mature, brother. Even though his role is relatively minor, he unintentionally starts the events of the game. At the beginning, he is lost on the mountain behind Onett, after he and Porky went to see the meteorite that had fallen from the sky. Once Ness and Porky find him, he temporarily joins Ness's party, and Ness brings him home. He remains there for the rest of the game, even after the rest of his family leaves. At the end of the game, after the credit sequence, Picky shows up at Ness's house in a similar fashion to how Porky showed up at the beginning of the game. He comes delivering a letter from Porky. The letter tells Ness to come find him, if he is able to.

Porky Minch

Pokey Minch Earthbound
Main article: Porky Minch

Porky Minch (referred to as 'Pokey Minch' in the game due to a translation error) is a major character in EarthBound, being a recurrent villain and one of the final bosses. He is constantly seen as a rival to the protagonist Ness, but, in fact, they may share an unadmitted friendship. He returns in Mother 3 as the main villain.

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