Mimicuties are very strange enemies in Kid Icarus: Uprising that are quite deceptive in nature. When left alone, they look identical to Treasure Chests, although closer inspection reveals that they are actually slightly smaller than real chests. However, upon drawing closer to them, Mimicuties will suddenly spawn feminine legs and begin chasing after Pit at surprising speeds. They attack primarily by kicking with their legs, which include rapidly closing in, then sending a flurry of kicks at Pit which are very difficult to avoid and deal major damage. Their second attack is to extend one leg out and spin around the ground with accurate homing; although this is not as fatal as its other attack, it is still able to deal a considerable amount of damage with only one kick. Mimicuties are alarmingly resilient despite their fragile appearance and can withstand a lot of damage before being defeated. However, their reliance on speed and agility does make them vulnerable to paralysis, freezing, and petrification. Upon defeating a Mimicutie, it will drop items like any normal Treasure Chest would.

It is, however, unclear where their allegiances lie. Although the Idol's description of a Mimicutie claims it's unaffiliated with anyone, Hades claims to have put one on Aurum Island for Pit. It's unclear whether Hades created them at this stage and that they were members of the Underworld Army or were simply coerced into co-operating with them for a short period. Dyntos also creates a group of them as part of the Three Trials.

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