Milton is a Gormotti kid that was a follower of Addam Origo during the Aegis War in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He joins the party as a non playable at the same time as Addam and Mythra and stays in it for most of the Torna DLC.


Milton was originally from a village that was short on resources during a time of war. This forced them to overmine a nearby mountain to survive, which eventually caused a massive flood that completely destroyed his village. Addam was the one who helped the villagers following the disaster, leading Milton to become one of Addam's follower. He had been traveling with Addam for three years prior to the events of Torna and was here when Mythra first awakened a year prior to his meeting with Lora. He soon becomes good friend with Mikhail who also lost his village soon before the begining of the game.

He follows the party on their travels until Addam and Mythra convince him and Mikhail to stay behind in Auresco as the others journey to Torna's core to stop Malos for their own safety. However, Malos attacks the capital with his Siren, killing Milton. This leads Mythra to partially access Pneuma's power and take Malos by surprise, which result in the destruction of his Siren and his presumed death. Mikhail is later seen on an Ardainian ship carrying Milton's dead body. Upon seeing him dead, Mythra transforms into Pyra out of despair.

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