Military Madness, known in Japan as Nectaris, is a turn based strategy game similar to the Nintendo Wars series the main difference is instead of a square based grid Military Madness has a hexagon based grid. Originally released Japan in 1989 and in North America in 1990. The Virtual Console release in Europe and Australia marks the first release as an import, since the TurboGrafx was never released originally in the PAL region.



In the late 21st Century, Earth has established colonies on the Moon for getting resources for Earth. On the Moon however many powerful nations tried to stake their claim or fight for the riches on the Moon and one of them is the Guicy Empire (Axis Empire in the English release). On April 6, 2086, the Empire started their attack on its neighboring Moon colonies, taking over any factories for weapons development and taking any prisoners how dare stand in their way. With the factories they took over they started development on the MOA Missile (S.A.M. in the English release) and threaten to used on Earth. Hearing of their sinister plans, the Union (Allied Powers in the English release) sent out their troops to the MOA launch site the base Nectaris to stop it from being used on Earth and freeing the any ally prisoners along the way.


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