Milady is a major character from Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights. Her name is supposedly a parody of "my lady". She appears to be the landlady of Le Repaire,the tavern beneath the Paris Opera.


Milady seems to be a sly woman, who seems to have many riches. She seems to get along well with Lautrec. In a scene, it shows her making tea for Lautrec and co., identifying her as a good worker. Milady also gives quests to the player.


Milady's appearance is quite over-the-top. She wears an indigo ranger hat (a red brooch, a feather, and a pink sash attached to it), with her blonde ponytail sticking out from behind it. She also wears a black and white mask, and, on her ears, she has circular earrings. The bodice of her gown is indigo. It has puffy shoulders, jagged, white cuffs, and it is diagonally cut around the waist. The rest of her gown is black and white striped. She usually covers her face with her fan.


“Ah, Monsieur, welcome.”

“It concerns the treasure in this quest. Might you lend it to me?”


  • There is an option titled "Milady's Room", which leads the player to her working location.
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