Mike Tyson (マイク・タイソン, Maiku Taison) is the final boxer Little Mac encounters in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! Tyson is also the toughest fighter in the game, having a single hit knock-down move. After the contract with Tyson ran out, Nintendo replaced the real life boxer with Mr. Dream. Nintendo decided not to regain their contract with Mike Tyson after losing a match against James "Buster" Douglas 1.

In the game, Little Mac should only attack Tyson when he winks after being stunned, otherwise every attack will fail and could potentially put the player in grave danger of an inevitable counter attack from Tyson.

For the first minute & a half of the first round, Mike Tyson will throw 1-hit knockdown punches, followed by less powerful jabs. At the beginning of the second round, he will throw 10 punches without much indication of when he will throw them.


  • Nintendo put Mike Tyson in the game as he had never lost a fight before, though after losing, there was no reason to put him back into the game.
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