Mike Piazza's Strike Zone is a Nintendo 64 video game released in 1998. It was developed by Devil's Thumb Entertainment and was published by GT Interactive. It was endorsed by Mike Piazza, which the game represented all of the MLB players during the 1998 season. The game modes include exhibition, season (which can be played from 15, 81, or 162 games), the World Series, All-Star Game, and Home Run Derby mode. It also gives the player the choice to design their own team and league, from creating their logo, their uniforms, and the player's abilities and appearances.


Saving the season requires separate Control Paks. If the controller has a Rumble Pak installed, it has to use to a separate controller in order to save the game. The game also lets you simulate a whole ballgame, while also letting you play through all the 30 Major League Baseball stadiums (from the year the game was released).


IGN gave this game a 3 out of 10. Next Generation Magazine gave this game a 1 out of 5. The game received praises during its early test previews. However, when it was finally released, the game was criticized for its wacky graphics, minimal amount of voice chips, repetitive sound elements, simple challenges, and unrealistic home run hitting.

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