Michael "Mike" Jones is the main protagonist of the StarTropics series. He's known for being an "ace pitcher", and for once sticking bananas in his ears. Like many Nintendo heroes, he is left-handed or south-pawed. He has an uncle named Dr. Steve Jones who is a famous archaeologist.



When Mike comes to visit his uncle on the C-Island, where he is studying the mystery of the island, he finds out that his uncle has gone missing. Mike is sent to check out the doctor’s lab and receives a yo-yo for protection from the chief of Coralcola, the village where Dr. Jones studied. In the lab he gains access to his uncle’s submarine and he sets out on a mission to find his uncle and travels over the seas in search for him. On his journey he finds a letter from his uncle which reveals that the mystery is more dangerous than anyone might have thought, as the letter claims that he was abducted by aliens.

Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II

After returning home to Seattle after his adventures in the first game, Mike is contacted by Mica, the princess of Argonia, who Mike saved in the first game. She gives him a riddle to help him solve the mystery of the mysterious book "Oxford Wonderworld", which his uncle is working with. After solving the riddle Mike is sucked into the book and sent through time. In the book he is forced to search for the "Tetrads" that will help him escape the book. Unfortunately, his enemy from the first game, Zoda, is also looking for them and it turns into a race to find them first.


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