The Mii Channel is a channel available on default for the Wii. It is an avatar creation channel which allows the user to create characters that can be used in various video games for the Wii. Miis have become the most iconic characters of the Wii generation, appearing in the Wii series of games among many others, both first and third party. The list of available options when editing the characters' Mii is limited, though their unique appearance have contributed to their success. After conceiving a Mii, the player can insert their character into the Wii Remote and transfer it to another Wii system. This can also be done by connecting to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.


The Mii Channel is built into the Wii from the start and cannot be removed. When creating a Mii, players are able to alter various aspects of their character, including their gender, skin color, face shape, weight, type and color of hair, type, position and color of eyes, type, position and color of eyebrows, type, position and color of mouth, type and position of nose, the position, size and type of accessory (accessories are optional) and the color of the character's clothes. There are default Miis available on the channel, and players can download Miis made by other players through the Check Mii Out Channel.

After a character is created, he or she can subsequently be used in a wide variety of video games, the most popular of which include the Wii series of titles (which includes Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus, Wii Play and Wii Music). These caricatures act as not only the playable characters, but also act as nonplayable characters that interact with the player and act as the audience in many occasions.

The Mii Plaza example.


The music to Mii Plaza is reminiscent of BGM 2 from Mario Paint for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The main title is available with the CD Touch! Generations Soundtrack. The song along with the Wii Shop Channel have become memes over time due to their catchiness.