A female Mii.

Miis are customizable characters that debuted alongside the Wii via the Mii Channel, the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U via the Mii Maker, the Settings menu via the Nintendo Switch, and on iOS, Android, and PC through the Mii Studio web app (considering that person has a Nintendo Account.) Their name is obviously a reference to the name of the Wii and the fact that the character can reflect the player (and of course others as well). They've since become a phenomenon and arguably the mascot of the Wii console.

Once the player has created a Mii, they're then allowed to place the character in a game of their choice and turn them into a playable character.

On the Nintendo DS, Miis are used in games like Personal Trainer: Walking and Tomodachi Collection. However, the DS itself does not have a Mii Maker app, meaning Miis saved to one game cannot be used in the other.

On the Wii, the Miis live in a small pocket-dimension called Mii Plaza. A new version of the Mii Plaza is present on the Nintendo 3DS in the application titled StreetPass Mii Plaza, where they are the main characters of Puzzle Swap and Flower Town, and the main protagonists of Find Mii, Mii Force, and Monster Manor.

Miis were previously available on smartphones with the Miitomo game, but that has been discontinued.


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Mii Plaza on Wii.

Miis first appeared on the Wii console in the Mii channel, where Mii creators could choose what the Mii looks like and then save the Mii's look. They also appear in the Wii series, which includes Wii Sports, Wii Play, Wii Fit and Wii Music. The main characters of these games happen to be Miis, and they're used in nearly every mode of each game. They're also often seen in the background as virtual spectators. For example, in Wii Play's ping pong game, Miis can be seen around the table cheering you on. The table tennis mode in Wii Sports Resort actually had the Miis playing the game.

Nintendo 3DS

StreetPass Mii Plaza on 3DS.

The Nintendo 3DS includes a Mii Maker application built into it. It's almost identical to its Wii counterpart, though it does include new customization options, and the ability to take a picture of someone and have the application auto-generate a Mii to match. The 3DS can connect to a nearby Wii console and download Miis from that system. However, Miis cannot be transferred from the Nintendo 3DS to the Wii due to the new part options the Miis on 3DS have. The 3DS makes it easy to share Miis with a feature to make and scan Mii QR codes which can be shared as one pleases. Several games for the Nintendo 3DS have made use of Miis, including Pilotwings Resort, AR Games, Nintendogs + Cats, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, and more.

Wii U

An earlier version of WaraWara Plaza on Wii U before Miiverse closed.

Miis on Wii U carry over the same customization options as on 3DS. Miis were featured prominently as in the now-defunct "Miiverse" social network service on Wii U. The Mii character of the user represented them on the many community forums on the service. When posting, the user could choose an emotion for their Mii to display (neutral, happy, winking, surprised, frustrated, or sad). The Mii Maker made a return, featuring shelves for the saved Mii characters will stand on. Using a Wii Remote, you can point at a Mii and press A to change their poses. In Nintendo Land, Mii characters are for the first time playable in full Nintendo costumes. The Wii U was the only console where you could save more than 100 Miis, in this case you could save up to 3000.

Nintendo Switch

Miis once again return for Nintendo Switch. However, there are several changes. While Miis can still be used for the player's avatar, icons of various Nintendo characters are available to use as well, making Miis a more optional feature for the Switch system. Mii customization options remain largely the same from 3DS and Wii U with a few additions. Hair color options now span a wide variety of color shades (100 in all), rather than only natural hair colors like blond, brown, black, and gray. Another new feature is that Miis can have a few new glasses designs. Their glasses can also be changed to a variety of colors (with the same color options as for hair). The Look-Alike option of creating a Mii, last seen on the Wii, also makes a return. On the Switch, Miis may be transferred to and from amiibo, either between Switch consoles or from a 3DS or Wii U. Unfortunately, unlike the Wii U, which supports over 3000 Miis saved on one console, the Mii storage limit on Switch was reduced back to 100. Miis remain playable characters in some games, such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Go Vacation, but the only game Miis are actually required for is Miitopia.

Mario series

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  • Miis are based off of the idea of customizable characters, through the idea of Recycled Characters. Whereas they all have the same basic base, but are customizable by the player.
  • The Mii Brawler, Mii Swordfighter, and Mii Gunner all appear on the mural in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Classic Mode, but none of them are playable in Classic Mode.