Mighty Switch Force! 2 is a puzzle platformer developed and published by WayForward Technologies for the Nintendo 3DS. It is the fourth game in the Mighty series and the sequel to the 2011 game Mighty Switch Force! The game was released on the Nintendo 3DS on June 13, 2013 in North America and in PAL regions on June 27, 2013. The game was later released for the Wii U in October 2013.


Gameplay follows a similar premise to the previous game in which players assume the role of Patricia Wagon, who is now a firefighter that must rescue the Hooligan Sisters of the last game from blazing fires. Like the previous game, players are tasked with using Patricia's ability to push blocks in and out of the foreground in order to rescue the Hooligan Sisters and reach the extraction point as quickly as possible. This time around, Patricia's blaster from the previous game has been replaced by a new dousing apparatus that shoots a spray of water, which can be used to defeat enemies and put out fires. This new mechanic adds various new types of blocks to the mix, such as mud blocks that must be dissolved with water, pipe blocks that redirect the spray of water and wooden blocks that must be burned in order to destroy. Along with par times that the player may attempt to beat, each level also contains a hidden "U.S.B" baby they may try to locate.


The "Galactic Fire Brigade" has issued a code red: Plant Land is spontaneously combusting and everything is catching ablaze. Patrica Wagon must help as a "cybernetic firefighter", using the issued Infinity Dousing Apparatus, and rescue the Hooligan Sisters, who have been reformed since their capture, and are stuck in the infernos. At the same time, HQ has picked up cries of a distressed infant dubbed the "Ugly Secret Baby", or, "U.S.B". The "Rapid Sparkle Transmission System" usually used to extrapolate people was made for use on adults, so Patrica must find an alternative transport means (she achieves this by kicking the babies off screen, in-game).


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