Mighty Switch Force! is a puzzle/platformer game for the Nintendo eShop. It was released by WayForward Technologies in 2011.


Patricia Wagon is a cyborg police officer and the goal of each level is to find escaped prisoners and bring them back to the jail.


The player must round the escaped convicts around the level and then return to the police robot. The only tools you have are the ability to switch blocks and her jumping skills. Switching a block will make it switch it between being physical or not. Turning it physical while something is in front of it will crush it. It is good for getting rid of enemies but can also kill Patty. There are also cannon blocks where to launch from them the object has to be in front of it when switching. It will point in the direction of where its aiming.There are also bomb creatures used to dispatch certain obstacles that aren't switchable. In each level, there is a baby which the plater must save to unlock secret levels. Completing levels fast enough also unlocks levels.


HD Remake

In 2012, WayForward Technologies announced an HD remake for the Wii U eShop. It has smoother graphics and some new features with the GamePad.

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