Mighty No. 9 is a video game launched for the Wii U in 2016. It is an action side-scroller that follows a robot named Beck trying to save the planet after a computer virus causes other robots to go haywire. It has been developed by former Capcom head Keiji Inafune, who illustrated and helped design the original Mega Man. Many parallels have been made between Mighty No. 9 and the Mega Man series, including a robot fighting other robot villains and the ability to upgrade your arsenal post-battle.

Mighty No. 9 originally started as a Kickstarter project. The initial goal to complete the game was $900,000. It met that goal within 48 hours and then eventually amassed over $4,000,000 in donations. It was planned to release on the 3DS but, nothing ever came of it.


Mighty No. 9 starts an android named Beck, the ninth unit of a series of combat robot called the Mighty numbers. At a certain point a form of computer virus attacks the rest of his colleagues units, as well as machines around the world. The player, as Beck, must fight the rogue robots and discover the evil that threatens the fate of pianet. Alongside Beck is his partner, Call. Comcept previously held a fan of opinion poll to determine the most popular mockup design for Call. As a result, "F" concept design was selected as the basic design for the character. The name of Beck was chosen as "its creator wanted him to have a human name, unlike his colleagues," and because you put the name of his companion and (as in "Beck and Call").



IGN rated Mighty No. 9 5.6/10.


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