Mighty Gazelle is a character and pilot in the F-ZERO series of games. He just barely escaped death in the huge accident four years before the events that took place in F-Zero GX, and was the pilot who took most damage and survived. He is now a cyborg and is almost completely made up of mechanical parts.


Before he was an F-Zero pilot, the Mighty Gazelle was a kid who took 3-D photographs, and later made this into a successful career of his. He also enjoyed playing video games and the like, including his favorite genre of games - piloting games. He hadn't known then that some day he himself would become one of the most popular pilots in the world.

The video games he played influenced him to try out F-Zero racing, and before long he was doing his dream. However, tragedy struck when the events of the "Horrific Grand Finale" took place, which almost took his own life. Surprisingly, a group named Cyber Stick, inc was able to turn the racer's body into a metallic cyborg.

Upon seeing his new body, his wife ran away from him, though none-the-less, despite being depressed after losing his wife, went back to racing, where in the events that took place in F-Zero X, he almost won, though lost to Captain Falcon, arguably the most popular of all F-Zero racers.

Cyber Stick, inc.

Cyber Stick, inc., are the ones responsible for recreating the Mighty Gazelle into his current, metallic body. They also created his ship, the Red Gazelle, which they created so that it would take little damage while racing.

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