​Midori ​is a playable character in Fire Emblem Fates on every path.


Midori is the daughter of Kaze, the cousin of Asugi, and the niece of Saizo.

In her Paralogue, Midori had just returned from an expedition to gather a Dragon Herb when she is attacked by a bandit. However, Kaze makes an appearance and swiftly deals with the would-be thief. Happy to see her father, Midori tells him that she had retrieved the herbs. However, as she searches her gear, she finds that the Herbs are missing. Desperate to find them, Midori runs off and encounters Candace, who had swiped her herbs. Thankfully, Kaze and the army take Candace down and retrieve the stolen goods. When Kaze scolds Midori for putting her life in danger for the herbs, Midori tells him that she was so desperate to retrieve them because the Dragon Herb could supposedly grant wishes. Kaze still believes that it would have been better to wait for the herbs to grow again a year later, but Midori wanted to prove that she was useful, rather than waiting a year to do so. Realizing that he did not fully understand his daughter, Kaze apologizes for leaving her by herself for so long and decides to bring Midori into the army. Happy, Midori finally has the wish she had hoped to fulfill with the herbs: spending more time with her father.

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