Midgar is a stage in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U based on the main location of Final Fantasy VII. It represents the Final Fantasy series.

Stage Elements

The default layout for the stage is reminiscent of Battlefield except slightly larger with the triangular format of the 3 soft platforms. However during the course of the stage, red Summon Materia appears randomly around the stage. When a player grabs one, the character glows red with magical symbols and one of 5 Summons from the Final Fantasy series appear and cause the stage to change. These summon materia do not appear in the 8 player version.


Ifrit summons a pillar of fire with Hellfire. This pillar can either hit from below pushing the stage's center closer to the upper blast zone, hit from below one of the edges, causing a large tilt or from the side, pushing the stage to one of the blast zones. If players besides from the summoner gets caught in the fire with 26% in the flames main body and 1% in the outer flames.

Ramuh uses Judgment Bolt. This rearranges the thin platforms while electrifying them. Then each of the platforms gets electrified one by one before resetting altogether.

Odin splits the stage with Zantetsuken. This separates the stage into two halves including the top platform and any player aside from the summoner gets hit by Odin's sword, they get 100% damage which usually results on a KO. If players get caught as the stage closes the gap, the players will get crushed and instantly die

Leviathan floods the stage with Tsunami. The current drags players to the left with those hitting the stage for 9% or KOing them if they are above 100%.

Bahamut ZERO fires the Teraflare. The beam is highly visible in the background as it destroys the city resulting a damaging pillar of light covering about 1/3 of the stage. Getting caught in the beam deals continuous damage, up to 39% and large knockback.


3DS/Wii U

  • Let the Battles Begin!
  • Fight On! 


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