Mica is a character in the StarTropics series. She is the very beautiful 15 year old princess of the destroyed planet Argonia and is one of the few that survived. Like most Argonians in the series she appears very human-like and has pointed ears and pink hair. She is a friend of Mike Jones, and has been rescued by him twice.


According to StarTropics, Mica and her six little brothers and sisters come from a destroyed planet named Argonia. This planet was destroyed by Zoda . However, before Zoda destroyed the planet, Mica's father Hirocon placed his children into 3 magic cubes and sent them to Earth for them to lead a peaceful life with humans. Unfortunately, these cubes came into Zoda's possesion and she and her siblings were not released until Zoda's defeat from Mike. Mica and her siblings appeared before Mike when the three magic cubes were placed together. They claimed to have been locked in the cubes for twenty years and were grateful for the villagers' kindness. Since they are unfamiliar with Earth, Chief Coralcola decides that C-Island is likely the best place for them to live, and offers the children membership in his tribe. They are adopted by the families of the village.



Mica only appears at the end when the cubes are placed together. She only is in the game in order to wrap up the plot of the alien civilization. She is welcomed into the village by Mike and is adopted by the people of the village.

Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II

In this game, she appears as an ally to Mike and aids him in his quest. She and her siblings are captured by Zoda, despite this Mica uses her telepathic powers to communicate with Mike and give him clues on his fight to find the tetrads, puzzle pieces that hold secrets of Argonia in them. After Mike defeats Zoda and the tetrads are reassembled Hirocon, Mica's father appears and thanks Mike for saving him. Hirocon and his children fly off to rebuild Argonia and Mica says to Mike that she will be thinking about him.

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