Metodey is a character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. He is a commander of the Adrestian Empire.


Metodey and his men are hired by an employer, capturing Aelfric and demanding that the students relinquish the Chalice to free him. He and his men ambush Byleth and their students at the rendezvous point. Hapi sighs, causing several giant monsters to appear and fight for them, much to Metodey's shock, as he did not expect monsters in Garreg Mach.

He may be fought by Edelgard, where he expresses shock and surprise by her appearance. Regardless, he is eventually defeated and he withdraws, having done what was required of him.

Metodey appears later in the main story, leading a force of Imperial soldiers after Archbishop Rhea, Byleth, and students from the Officers Academy enter the Goddess's Holy Tomb beneath Garreg Mach Monastery. Under orders from Edelgard, he and his troops had been tracking the group to learn the tomb's location. Metodey's men plunder the Crest Stones from the graves and attempt to flee with them, but are forced to fight Byleth and the students. In the following battle he can either end up slain or surviving if Edelgard is defeated before him. If he does survive, he won't make any other appearances and his fate is left unknown.

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