Meteos is a game that is published by Nintendo, and developed by Q Entertainment. The game was released for the Nintendo DS on March 10, 2005 under the genre of Puzzle.


The planet Meteo is causing many planets to nova by releasing streams of colored blocks that stack up everywhere. One day, by sheer coincidence, three of these blocks aligned and were launched back into space by the following ignition. The remaining planets have decided to retaliate with the Metamo Ark, a spacecraft built from those same blocks, called "Meteos". It is in this that the universe's hope lies.


Meteos comprises of play on any one planet at a time, where Meteos fall constantly from above. The primary aim is to avoid allowing the planet to nova by launching the Meteos back up into space before they build up too high, which is achieved by aligning three of the same type either horizontally or vertically. This is done by moving them up and down only, individually, with the stylus or D-pad. Further ignitions within stacks that have already been launched initiates a combo, which produces higher scores and, in most cases, a more powerful skyward movement.

However, planets vary. The ease with which Meteos can be completely launched off the screen varies, and the ignited stacks often fall back to the ground. On Forte, for example, vertical alignments of Meteos are vastly more effective than horizontal ones; and on Sferia, vertical ignitions do not work at all without combos.

Game modes

The principal modes of play in Meteos are "Simple", "Star Trip", "Time War" and "Deluge".

  • Simple: this mode allows the player to set up a single match with customisable CPU opponents, difficulty and novae allowed. It works in much the same as the game's multiplayer mode, where Meteos launched fall onto opponents' screens and the winner is the last planet to experience annihilation.
  • Star Trip: this is the game's closest approximation to a story mode. Play takes the player through a number of encounters with one or more computer-controlled planets, where the aim is to outlive them or, optionally complete a set mission. Each of the three sub-modes contains one or more final encounters, all of which are with the planet Meteo; these lead to a number of distinct endings.
  • Time War: consisting of four types of Time War, two with a time limit and two with a race to launch the set number of Meteos. The types are "100-Meteos War", "1000-Meteos War", "2:00 Time War" and "5:00 Time War". The planet cannot be chosen.
  • Deluge: the player plays without an opponent on any planet, with the aim being to amass points. The rate of Meteos falling increases until the planet succumbs to a nova.
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