Metall Daddy
The Metall Daddy is a boss in Dr. Wily's Castle in the Mega Man series. He is a large Met who jumps and summons Mets.


The Metall Daddy will jump around the room and send in the Mets. Mega Man must slide to avoid his landing.

Normal Mode

The Metall Daddy will summon a few Mets in the battle. Mega Man must use the Mega Buster in order to defeat it. Or the Ring Boomerang can destroy the Mettall Daddy quickly.

Hard Mode

The Metall Daddy will summon more Mets in the room. The Ring Boomerang should be used in order to beat him quickly.

Super Adventure Rockman

After Mega Man defeats Snake Man, one adult Met is possibly the Metall Daddy. Mega Man ignores the Family. The path leads to Needle Man.

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