Metal Slug is the first game in the long-running series of the same name, created by SNK. It is famous for it's simple controls and frantic action, as well as for it's elaborate sprite work and background. Its first appearance on a Nintendo console was originally going to be on the Game Boy Advance, though it was canceled. Eventually it was released on the Wii in the form of a compilation game and a Virtual Console title.


During the year 2028, two factions, the Regular Army and the militaristic Rebellion, which is led by General Morden, a renegade regular army lieutenant. The Regular Army have build an hundred of prototypes Metal Slug in hope of defeating the Rebellion. However, the Rebellion manage to capture most of the tanks. Two Regular Army lieutenant, Marco Rossi and Tarma Roving order a last counter-attack in order to regain the stolen Metal Slug. tanks.

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