Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge is an SNES video game released in 1993 in America and Europe. The game was never released in Japan, despite being made by Japanese developer Intelligent Systems. The game was published by Nintendo, and is a sequel to Battle Clash (in fact the development title of the game was Battle Clash 2). Like its predecessor, Battle Clash makes use of the Super Scope. The game was greatly enhanced, though is not as well known as the original.


A first person shooter, Metal Combat was one of the few games to make use of the Super Scope lightgun, which while very different from the NES Zapper was clearly influenced by it. The game automatically scrolls for you, and your only task is to just shoot at the enemy robot boss. Before you get into the action, you'll be able to partake in a training mode to get used to shooting with the Super Scope incase you hadn't already played a game that made use of the SNES accessory. This isn't a requirement, though, and if you ever need to practice the player can always return to it, even after they've completed the game. In the entire game all you'll do is battle various bosses. Throughout the game you can enhance your weapon. The weapons (excluding the bomb) are all found at random during the course of the game.

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