Merlon is a helpful ally in the Paper Mario series. In Paper Mario, he gives fortunes and tells Mario where he needs to go for a cost of 5 coins. In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, he upgrades Mario's partners for every 3 Shine Sprites he gives him. In Super Paper Mario, he is a major character who aids Mario and company through the adventure.

It is possible, and by the looks of it, that there are multiple different Merlons living in the same generation. Proof of this can be traced back to the character Wonky who states that the characters in Merlon's clan are named after their role, suggesting that one particular role is always given the name Merlon, also suggesting that this is in fact not his, or rather their real name.


Paper Mario

In Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64, Merlon's beard was relatively small compared to that of the other incarnations. Merlon would help reveal the true identity of the Toads blocking Mario's way in the game, who ended up being a pack of Koopa Troopa. Later on in the game Merlon would explain to Mario how an oracle came to speak to him while sleeping.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

In Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Merlon lives directly next to Professor Frankly in Rogueport. His role in this game was to upgrade Mario's partners and their abilities. The theory mentioned in the second paragraph originates from this game.

Super Paper Mario

Merlon plays a much bigger role in Super Paper Mario than he does in the previous video games. He explains the Light Prognosticus prophecy to Mario and gives him his first Pure Heart. In the game he lives in the main hub - Flipside. This is his latest appearance.

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