Mercury is a playable dragon in Dragalia Lost.

Official Description

This protector of Saint Lotier has lived in the nearby waters since antiquity and watched over its people. She once had fins to better dwell in the water but eventually chose to walk among humans, and so she obtained four legs via magic.

Official Description (High Mercury)

The Waterwyrm Mercury after releasing her true powers. Her immense mana acts as a great current that coats her body. With the kindness to protect those she cares for—and the strength to repel all threats—she's a truly wondrous dragon.

Official Description (Humanoid Mercury)

The Waterwyrm Mercury, taken human form to learn more of human culture. Though her looks have changed, her mission as a guardian dragon has not. She will show no quarter to those who threaten the peace of those she cares about.


  • Mercury's design is based off of a dragon design from Knights of Glory.