Mercury is a character and possible party member from Dragon Quest VI. Mercury is one of the few playable characters that has a vocation upon recruitment.


In the DS remakes, Mercury can be recruited once Mortamor has been defeated. He will appear in an area behind Suite Dreams. He will have to be cornered, similar to the way the Hero acquires Peggy Sue. Alternatively, Mercury can be recruited after the player shares 20 dreams.


Mercury is a typical Liquid Metal Slime. He is a metallic puddle of goo with incredibly high defense and speed. As he is a monster companion that comes late in the game, he doesn't have much of a personality.

Base Stats


Mercury learns a number of skills on his own, regardless of vocation.

Level Ability MP Cost Effect
1 Sizz 4 Targets a group of enemies with a fire-based attack.
3 Kaclang 2 Turns the entire party into a lump of steel, making them both invincible and immobile for one turn.
5 Zoom 1 Returns the party to a previously visited location instantaneously.
7 Magic Burst All Releases all of the caster's MP at once for an incredibly powerful attack.
14 Big Banga 30 Powerful explosion that harms all enemies.


                  Character Appearances
Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation