Mendel Palace (JP) is an puzzle game for the NES, which was the first game developed by Game Freak and Satoshi Tajiri, most known for developing the Pokémon series published by Namco in Japan and Hudson Soft in North America.


The game is a puzzle game structured into rooms of tiles and enemies divided into dungeons. The only way to defeat the enemies is to flip tiles they are standing on into a wall. The player moves their character and can flip any tile in front of them. When starting a room, all the tiles are either plain blank tiles or bonus tiles which reward points when walked over and turn into normal tiles afterwards. However, if they are flipped, they are worth nothing. Flipping a tile can reveal special power tiles that have special effects like flipping all tiles on the same row or column, pushing any enemies into a wall. As the player progresses, enemy behaviors get more complex with later ones being able to flip tiles like the player. The game is also playable in co-op.

Types of Tiles


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