Melsa is a playable character in Dragalia Lost. She is a free limited time character obtained from the Kindness and Captivity event. Her Element is flame and she uses knives.


Melsa is a sylvan girl with long wavy pink hair and pink eyes. She wears a pink and white outift and she wears a white collar over her shoulders. She also wears white stockings with brown boots. Her waist has a red sash.

Official Description

A kind-hearted sylvan girl. While usually something of an aloof loner, her passion flames whenever something important comes up. Anything relating to love, however, tends to send her spiraling into confusion.

Official Description (Halloween Melsa)

A sylvan girl who dressed up as the living dead for Halloween. It would be hard to tell how gentle she usually is in this outfit, save for how she is unable to hide her excitement about the upcoming festivities.