Dr. Mario juggling some mega vitamins.

Megavitamins are tools used by Dr. Mario and Dr. Wario in the Dr. Mario games. They are multi-colored pills used to stack up on viruses to defeat them.

Dr. Mario series

Dr. Luigi

Instead of the normal single Megavitamins, Luigi uses a L-Shaped one made of two normal megavitamins. It has potential to make easy clears but also can easily mess up a line.

Super Smash Bros.

The Megavitamins are essentially clones of Mario's Fireball, except it does not have fire effect when it hits someone.


They do not have a lot of use like the fireball. They can be decently used for racking damage and stunning foes shortly but, there's not much effectiveness in them.


These customs work exactly like Mario's Customizations. The only major difference is the model remains the megavitamin and the electric effect instead of the fire effect

  • The first custom is a very fast straight shot. It goes about half the length of Battlefield. It is slightly weaker doing 1% per hit fairly
  • The second custom is a large, but slow multihit Megavitamin. It makes the sound effect every time it hits. It has roughly a maximum of 7 hits if it used right next to the opponent, dealing 13% roughly and dealing 1-2%. It has a terrible range though going 1/8 the length of Battlefield.

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