The Megaton Hammer is a weapon featured in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. In the game, it can be found in the Fire Temple. The Megaton Hammer has various uses, including the following:
  • Is capable of breaking red rocks.
  • Can smash down rusty switches that otherwise would stay in place.
  • Is needed in order to defeat Volvagia.
  • Can turn certain enemies on their backs.
  • Will cause blocks to fall down to another level when hit.
  • Is the most commonly used weapons against Dark Link in the Water Temple.
  • Can easily defeat standard enemies.

The downside of defeating regular enemies is its speed - which is dramatically lowered compared to the sword.

The Megaton Hammer was created by the Gorons and originally used by the goron king Darunia's ancestor in order to slay the Goron-eating dragon Volvagia, though Ganondorf used the Triforce of Power to unleash the fire beast once more and planned to use it to gobble up all of the Gorons. When the threat of the monster arose once more, Link took it upon himself to find the Megaton Hammer and thwart it once more.

Other Appearances

The Megaton Hammer appears in the GameCube version of Soul Calibur II, as one of Link's unlockable weapons.

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