Megami Meguri is a free-to-play 3DS game from Capcom that is designed to work with Japanese train passes. As players go from station to station, they partake in various events to help Tsukomo become a proper goddess.


The player rolls a die so, the goddess can go to different spaces and do different events. Landing on Station Spaces (green) include the following an associated symbol

  • Superior Goddess – Undergo a trial administered by a superior goddess.
  • Offering Box – Obtain offerings necessary to meet the superior goddesses.
  • Wardrobe – Obtain goddess garb that upgrades Tsukomo’s various abilities.
  • Ingredient – Acquire ingredients necessary for cooking.
  • Specter – Exterminate the specters.

The normal yellow spaces will either give the player an item or trigger a minigame. Landing on spaces with no icon starts a conversation with Tsukomo.


IC-Card Interactions



Tsukomo is a novice goddess who aims to become an amazing goddess. In order to do that, she travels around the country with Amaterasu. In order to come of age as a goddess, she must go on a pilgrimage to meet and be acknowledged by her superiors, the so-called Seven Pillar Goddesses.


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