Mega Man X Collection is a compilation of the Mega Man X series. It consists of the first six Mega Man X titles as well as a game previously unreleased outside Japan.

The games included are:


All the games except one are played in the same way. Inspired in its predecessor series Mega Man the game is an action-platformer where you shoot energy bolts.

The X series include new features like the ability to dash for the ground (similar to the slide move from the original), climb up for walls with the ability wall-jump, and the possibility of dash and jump at the same time.


In the year 20XX, Megaman X, also known as "X", is the cyborg template created by Dr. Thomas Light for the non-Light model Reploids. Knowing the potential danger of this model, he was sealed in a capsule for test; but 100 years later an archaeologist named Dr. Cain discover the capsule and free him.

X fights against the Mavericks (some reploids gone beserk) to protect the humans and thus alleviate their feelings of guilt for being part in their creation.

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