Mega Man Soccer is an Super Nintendo Entertainment System soccer video game released in 1994. It features tons of Mega Man characters as playable team members, including a multitude of bosses from the series.


Dr. Light, Roll, and Mega Man are watching a national soccer game, but soon, Dr. Wily takes over the soccer field. Mega Man must play soccer in order to save the world.


You can play as many characters in the game. They have each shots they hit the soccer ball in the game.

  • Mega Man (Rockman) - Rock Buster Shot
  • Proto Man (Blues) - Blues Buster Shot
  • Enker - Mirror Buster Shot
  • Dr. Wily - Wily Shot*
  • Air Man - Tornado Shot
  • Bomb Man (Bomberman) - Bomb Shot
  • Bubble Man - Bubble Shot
  • Cut Man - Rolling Cutter Shot
  • Dust Man - Dust Shot
  • Elec Man - Elec Shot
  • Fire Man - Fire Shot
  • Flash Man - Flash Shot
  • Gemini Man - Gemini Shot
  • Ice Man - Ice Shot
  • Needle Man - Needle Shot
  • Pharaoh Man - Pharaoh Shot
  • Skull Man - Skull Shot
  • Snake Man - Snake Shot
  • Toad Man - Toad Shot
  • Top Man - Top Shot
  • Wood Man - Leaf Shot

The * means that you can only play as Dr. Wily in Elec Man's and Dust Man's teams from League mode.


Mega Man will have to beat the teams in order to fight Wily. These are the teams Mega Man needs to face:


  • On the early Japan sketch, Guts Man was supposed to appear, but was replaced by Proto Man on the Japanese box art.
  • Each Robot Master has a different shot and they have a shot called (Robot Master) Shot, Pharaoh Shot shares the same name in Mega Man 4, with the exception of Tornado Shot and Leaf Shot, getting the name from the weapon, Leaf Shield.
  • There is no ending in the game, finishing the game makes a character return to the title screen and you can only access the ending through a cheat device.
  • The select screen and stage start have the music from Mega Man 5.
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