Mega Man Legends 3 (or Rockman DASH 3 in Japanese) is a video game that takes place after Mega Man Legends 2. It was announced on September 19, 2010 for Nintendo 3DS, but was cancelled on July 18, 2011, only days before its scheduled release. As of 2018, it is unknown weather or not Capcom will start development on the game again on other platforms.


The game's story would have continued right after the events of Mega Man Legends 2. Two new characters, Aero and Barrett, would join returning ones to help rescue the protagonist, Mega Man Volnutt, from Elysium.[1] Chris Hoffman of Nintendo Power implied the finished game may have focused on a mysterious item known as the Klicke Lafonica and the aftermath of the Elder System reactivating at the end of Legends 2.[2]


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