Copy Robot

The Copy Robot (or Kopy Robotto in Japanese) is a boss that can copy the boss that he fights like his appearance in the Mega Man series.

Types of Copy Robots

Copy Robot

An object is above Mega Man and will create a Copy Robot. Using the Mega Buster or Special Weapon will damage the boss. Using Fire Storm or Thunder Beam makes it too difficult for the battle. Similar to Crash Man when using the Super Arm or Magnet Beam, the Copy Robot runs back and forth. Defeating him will make Mega Man fight the seven CWU-01Ps.

Holographic Mega Men

Holographic Mega Men (or Horagurafu Rockmans in Japanese) is the name where the Copy Robots with a pair of himself. Using most other weapons will make the battle difficult. Mega Man must tell if the Copy Robot is the real one. The fake one doesn't take damage. Mega Man can use the Top Spin, but using the Search Snake is more effective. Defeating the boss advances to the rematch with all of Dr. Wily's Robot Masters.

Copy Mega Man

Copy Mega Man (or Copy Rockman in Japanese) is a character who appeared in the manga, Mega Man Megamix. He only appears in The Strongest Enemy to Date.


Mega Man's artwork has his eye colored black, the Copy Robot's eyecolor on his eye colored red.

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