Mega Man 7 (Rockman 7 in Japan) is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System video game released in 1995 by Capcom. The game takes place after Mega Man 6. It is the debut of Bass and Treble, along with Auto.


The game takes place in 20XX AD after Mega Man arrested Dr. Wily. After that, the Mad Grinder frees Dr. Wily out of prison and Mega Man must save the day.


Robot Masters

Other Bosses

  • Mad Grinder
  • Bass and Treble
  • Mash
  • Guts Man G
  • Gameriser
  • HannyaNED 2
  • Wily Machine No. 7
  • Wily Capsule


  • When Mega Man enters a wrong password, the sound that sounds similar to the horns of the large trucks in Nitro Man's stage will play.
  • In Shade Man's stage, Bass says "damn" in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version. In Mega Man Anniversary Collection, Bass says "darn" instead.
  • In the Robot Master Museum, there are cameos of other characters. Outside has some Brain Breaks and Mets. In the first row, Mega Man will see Snake Man, Blizzard Man, a broken case where Guts Man used to be, Pharaoh Man, and Heat Man. In the background, there is Plant Man, Quick Man, and Flame Man. Another Plant Man appears in the background. During the batttle, there is Skull Man and Ring Man.
  • Mega Man 7 is the first classic Mega Man game to have an intro stage.
  • In Mega Man Anniversary Collection, the closing movie is deleted, because there are problems emulating with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System's mode.

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