Mega Man 5 title screen.

Mega Man 5 (Rockman 5 Blues' Trap!? in Japan) is a Nintendo Entertainment System game released by Capcom in 1992. It was also released to the Wii Virtual Console.

It features a blue robotic bird named Beat and is the fifth game released for the Famicom in the Mega Man series late in the console's life from 1992 to 1993.


Robot Masters

Fortress Bosses

Proto Man Castle:

  • Dark Man

Wily Castle:

  • Big Mets
  • Circling Q9
  • Rematch with the Robot Masters
  • Wily Press
  • Wily Machine No. 5 and Wily Capsule




  • The game won 4 awards in the 1993 Nintendo Power Awards: "Best Graphics and Sound (NES)", "Best Theme and Fun (NES)", "Best Challenge (NES)", and "Best Play Control (NES)".
  • The game formed the basis for the NES game Darkwing Duck

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