Mega Man 11 is the 11th entry in the classic Mega Man series for the Nintendo Switch and is the first new entry in 8 years. The game's main new mechanic is the Double Gear system that overclocks Mega Man to give him enhanced speed or power. The game is launching alongside a new Mega Man amiibo.


The game plays much like the earlier entries where Mega Man chooses a robot master and plays their stage. Defeating a robot master will give the player a new weapon. Like most games in the series, Mega Man has access to Rush and Beat as well as a shop in between stages. The game has 4 difficulty modes.

The main new mechanic is the Double Gear system. Mega Man can use the gears to either enhance the charge power of the buster shot, or increase his speed that it slows down everything around him. When a gear is active, a meter will appear above Mega Man. When full, Mega Man cannot use either gear, will start sparking and will be limited to just his basic Buster Shot. Mega Man can activate both gears at the same time called Overdrive when the meter next to the gears is full, but this will reduce Mega Man's health to 1 when it is finished.


Dr. Wily steals a set of 8 robots and sends them out to defeat Mega Man.

Robot Masters



When a Mega Man amiibo is tapped, the player can receive items such as an E-Tank.


Mega Man 11 received "generally favorable" reviews from critics according to Metacritic, with a current Metascore of 80/100.