Rock Right, also known as "Mega Man" (JP) (sometimes referred to as The Blue Bomber) is the protagonist of Capcom's Mega Man series, starting with Mega Man on the NES. He's a blue robot who, in the initial adventures, was set off to destroy evil robots that were either created or corrupted by Dr. Wily. Mega Man himself was created by Doctor Thomas Right, and was built solely for the purpose of household helping and chores, not fighting and destroying other robots. However, when Doctor Albert Wairi began his rise to power, Mega Man decided to be modified for combat, with one of his arms being being given an arm cannon that has him fire energy bullets at his foes. He is also able to copy weapons and use them as his own due to a "Copy Chip", although this typically involves him having to beat the Robot Masters who wield said weapons first.

Mega Man has appeared in countless titles, certainly more than any other Capcom character has. While not the most successful franchise under Capcom's belt (that title going to the Resident Evil series), it's undeniable that it is one of their most popular titles, and that Mega Man is their most recognizable character. Mega Man also appears in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


The original Mega Man had the so called "Blue Bomber" destroying a multitude of Dr. Wily's evil robots. This title wasn't as successful as Capcom had anticipated, though with the release of Mega Man 2, the title hit its stride and found its way into thousands of gamers' houses. Currently it is known among the Mega Man fanbase as one of, if not the best game in the series. A total of six Mega Man platformers were released on the NES/Famicom, each one appropriately numbered.

Following this, two more would be released on following consoles until it was thought the fan-titled "classic" franchise was dead in order to make way for the RPG and Zero series, among others. Surprisingly in 2008 Capcom announced a ninth game in the series that would be similar to the second game in the series titled Mega Man 9, and it would be available for download via Nintendo's WiiWare service (as well as the competitor's download systems as well). Fans were delighted to hear this, as one could assume.

After another game, Mega Man 10, the series fell into dormancy again, but Mega Man got another game for the Nintendo Switch in the form of Mega Man 11, reclaiming his old glory.


Multiple spin off titles have been made by Capcom for various consoles after the NES. These spin-off titles were very popular and became sub series themselves, and include X, Zero, Legends, Battle Network, Star Force, and ZX, the latter two being the most recent of the batch.

Super Smash Bros.

Mega Man was introduced to the series in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U with a reveal trailer at E3 2013. He looks like a modern interpretation of the original Mega Man. Even when he moves or gets hit, he reacts as he did in the original games. His moveset is incredibly diverse, taking moves from the Robot Masters he defeated.


Basic Attacks

  • Neutral Standard - Mega Buster
  • Dash Attack - Top Spin
  • Up Tilt - Mega Upper
  • Side Tilt - Mega Buster
  • Down Tilt - Slide (This version deals damage.
  • Up Smash - Spark Shock
  • Side Smash - Charge Shot
  • Down Smash - Flame Blast
  • Neutral Aerial - Mega Buster
  • Up Aerial - Air Shooter
  • Forward Aerial - Flame Sword
  • Back Aerial - Slash Claw
  • Down Aerial - Hard Knuckle

Special Moves

  • Standard Special Move - Metal Blade
  • Side Special Move - Crash Bomb
  • Up Special Move - Rush Coil
  • Down Special Move - Leaf Shield
  • Final Smash - Mega Legends

In addition, the rest of his attacks (aside from his up tilt, the Mega Upper, which is from the Marvel vs. Capcom series) are based on his moves from the classic Mega Man series like his Mega Buster as his jab, neutral air and forward tilt. 

Appearance and Costumes

All his costumes are based on his different colors mostly based what Powers he uses as attacks.

  1. His default outfit shows him in his cyan combat shirt and leggings and with a blue helmet, blue shorts, and blue boots.
  2. His second palette shows him with the Rush Coil equipped. This makes his shirt and leggings white and his helmet, gloves, shorts, and boots red.
  3. His third palette is based on his colours with the Hyper Bombs equipped, making his shirt and leggings white and his helmet, shorts, gloves, and boots green.
  4. His fourth palette is based on his colours with the Metal Blades equipped. Here, he wears a golden helmet, gloves, shorts, and boots, and his shirt and leggings are yellow.
  5. His fifth palette is based on his colour scheme with the Air Shooter equipped, giving him a light blue helmet, gloves, shorts, and boots, and making his shirt and leggings white.
  6. His sixth palette comes from the colours he uses with the Slash Claws. Here, Mega Man wears a chartreuse helmet, gloves, shorts, and boots and his shirt and leggings are yellow.
  7. His seventh palette comes in the form of his Flame Blast palette. This makes his helmet, gloves, shorts, and boots orange and his shirt and leggings yellow.
  8. His final palette comes in the form of his palette with the Top Spin, making his helmet, gloves, shorts, and boots grey and his shirt and leggings yellow.

Trophy Descriptions

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U



Dragalia Lost

Mega Man makes an appearance in Dragalia Lost as part of the Chaos Protocol event. He helps Euden and his friends free the Greatwyrms from Dr. Wily's mind control.

Official Description

A kind-hearted robot, originally created to be Dr. Light's lab assistant. In the wake of Dr. Wily's treachery, Mega Man volunteered to be redesigned for combat, and with his Mega Buster he's a match for any degree of evil!


Mega Man has the ability to take on his opponent's weapon after defeating them, though this will only occur after thwarting bosses. This is the key to easily defeat the Robot Masters in each game since the player can choose the path in which he wants to defeat the bosses and since each boss in especially vulnerable to certain types of attacks.


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  • Despite speaking often in his series, Mega Man does not vocalise in the Super Smash Bros. games at all.
  • Mega Man's original name (Rockman) along with Roll's name came from the type of music "Rock and Roll".
  • A redesigned version of Mega Man was a main character in the cartoon series Captain N: The Game Master.
  • Mega Man won the award for Best Hero in the 1990 Nintendo Power Awards for his appearance in Mega Man 3.
  • In Dragalia Lost, Mega Man is one of the only adventurers to not have any adventurer stories. As a result, his epithet, "Kindly Android", is unobtainable.
    • Mega Man is also not playable in The Alberian Battle Royale mode, since his unique weapon would set him apart from other Wand users.