Mega Man & Bass is an action video game that stars Mega Man and Bass for the Game Boy Advance released in 2003. It is a port of a Super Famicom game released five years prior.


As in the previous Mega Man games, each boss defeated gives the playable character a special power. Each boss has a weakness to one of those specific powers. For example, it is best to take on Cold Man first, come in possession of the Ice Wall, and then head over to Burner Man's stage and use the newly acquired weapon against him, which will deliver more damage than any other. A suggested order in which to defeat the bosses is:

After all the bosses are defeated, the player takes on the primary antagonist of the game who is simply known as King.

One special feature that the game has are the 100 distinct CD's that are scattered throughout the game. Some of them can only be acquired using Mega Man's slide and Bass' Bass Jump, and each one will be added to a special CD collection.

Playable characters

The two playable characters in the game, Mega Man & Bass, have differing abilities, possessing three unique skills that the other doesn't have. The only major similarity, excluding the basic maneuvers, is the ability to take on the powers of the defeated bosses.

Unique abilities

Mega Man's exclusive abilities include the Buster Shot, which will shoot a shot in the direction he's facing. The main advantage Buster Shot has over Bass' shooter is that Mega Man can move while shooting, while Bass can't. Charge Shot will shoot a large blast when the player holds down the B button, and slide will cause Mega Man to slide under places that Bass can't reach.

Bass, on the other hand, has three unique moves of his own. Dash can be performed by tapping twice in the desired direction, which will cause him to move faster than before. His Bass Buster can shoot rapid fire just by holding down the B button, and, in an advantage over Mega Man, he can change which direction his shots will go. Finally his Bass Jump is a double jump.

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