Mega Legends.jpg

Mega Legends is Mega Man's Final Smash.


Mega Man shoots a Black Hole Bomb from Mega Man 9. After shooting, the bomb will detonate and create a black hole after a set distance, but can be detonated prematurely by pressing the special move button or if the bomb touches another player, causing 1%. Pressing the button again will instantly force the bomb to suck the opponent(s), dealing 2%. If anyone touches the black hole, they will be sucked in. The black hole itself also causes Flame damage to those pulled in. A cutscene then occurs where Mega Man summons Mega Men from other Mega Man series. All five proceed to charge their respective Busters and fire energy beams at the opponent, causing 37% damage. It reliably KOs at roughly 58%.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, in addition to the aforementioned versions of Mega Man, the attack also features Proto Man and Bass.